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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Once a Skater, Always a Skater

This is my first blog entry ever in my life. I really never thought I would ever blog but here I am. I suppose I can blame it on my girlfriend. She wanted me to help her set up a blog and figure out how to do it even though I didn’t know how to either. After researching it I also found my creative juices and wanted to write too. If you have read this far then it is safe to assume you liked the title and would like to know more. Well about a month ago I started skating again thanks to my brother Chad TimTim. If you do not know who that is, he is a pro skateboarder who rides for Element skateboards (If you like to follow the Element team check out this site . Chad is the youngest of our dad’s 3 sons, Andre being the middle son, and I am the oldest. I just have to say that I am not writing this blog to brag about my brother (maybe just a little) but seriously I am just proud of him. I am proud that he can make a living doing something he truly loves, not everybody can say that, and I am lucky to have him as my brother. It is kind of a weird thing to have your brother as a pro skater because when I mention his name to people they will say things like “wow!”, “he rips!”, and look at me with awe. I think to myself, “come on, that’s just my brother” but I have to admit it is kind of cool. I love you bro! I really do understand how people feel because when I get a chance to skate with some of the pros my brother skates with I think I look at them with awe too. I guess you can’t help it.

But back to the story about my brother getting me back into skating, I guess you can say I really quit skating about four years ago. The last time I rode a ramp was about two years ago and it has been an on-going thing with my brother teasing me, telling me I am not a skater anymore but then he would always ask me to go. Well, about a month ago I was hanging out at my brother’s house and I asked him what he was doing that evening. He said he was going to Santa Monica for an Element Video Premier and he asked if I wanted to go. He mentioned free beer so I reluctantly accepted. Later on that night Jeff from Podium picked us up from Chad’s house to go to the premier. On the way there Lance Mountain called him up asking if he wanted to go skate with him at Belvedere Skate Park the next day. Chad said yes and asked if I wanted to go. I reluctantly accepted even though I hadn’t skated in a couple years but I was seriously excited; with the mention of Lance Mountain my mind went back to when I was young and I thought of Animal Chin, Public Domain, and all the old skate videos I used to watch over and over again. I was starting to feel like I was 18 again. So, we get to the premier and get our free beer, thanks Ryan Dewitt and Element! It was a great night I got to meet a lot of the Element pros: Levi Brown, Darrell Stanton, and Mike Vallely. I actually had a good conversation with Mike—we reminisced about the old days of skating because I used to see him skating at the Hermosa Beach Pier. The video was great, it was a history of Element and it showed great clips of skaters past and present which I thought was really cool. Element knows how to throw a good party, thanks again Ryan!

The next day I woke up early with that feeling like when I was I kid and I knew I was going to Disneyland. I felt that way even though I was hung over, thanks again Element. Even with that I was excited to go skateboarding. I went to my brother’s house and met Jeff, Lance Jr. and his friend (I forgot his name) and we all caravanned to Belvedere. When we arrived we were the first guys there, I mean there was no one there. I guess it was too early for people to get up and skate, at that time I would have to agree because I was hung over. I was the first to roll into the park; I wanted to be the first to see how I felt on my board before anyone saw me. I took my first run and wow, what a feeling! That first backside carve around the corner of the bowl is so awesome, I guess you never lose that feeling. That’s why I believe you never stop being a skater, sorry bro I’m still a skater! As for Belvedere I must say it is a great spot. It is a good mix of transition and street and it has something for everyone from old school to new school. I would put it at the top of the list of one of the best skate parks in Southern California. Lance Mountain showed up and we all skated till about noon. Lance still rips; it was great to watch him. After that we decided to go check out Hollenbeck Skate Plaza since it just opened up. I didn’t skate it since I am not that good at street skating and I got a heel bruise at Belvedere, but it was great to watch my brother and the other guys skate. Chico Bernes was also there. They skated for about a half an hour and we all parted ways from there. A good time was had by all! After that day I have had the bug to go skate. Since then I have been to the Houghton Skate Park, Mike Black Park, the new Cherry Park, United, back to Belvedere, and Podium. I plan to go on more skate adventures and write about all of them. My next trip is going to be the new Venice Skate Park.

Since I plan on skating a lot more I wanted to use this forum to document my trips. Here are some of the topics and plans I have for this blog:

1) Talk about skateboarding and life in general
2) Give updates on skate spots, events, skaters, etc…
3) Promote “making a living at things you love to do” especially skateboarding
4) Have a forum for people past the age that you are not supposed to skate or want to start skating again to share information and get information they can really use
5) Do interviews with not only professional skaters but also skaters like me who just love to skate!

I think in a forum like this the possibilities are endless. Personally I want to be able to provide a good service to the skateboard community and at the same time if I can make a living at it I can gain the freedom to skate whenever I want. Once I figure out how to do that I want to share it with all of us so that we can all have the same freedom. I am looking forward to sharing with everyone and to all the great comments from you, please do not be shy. I will leave you with one of the things I have found out:

“Once a Skater, Always a Skater and if you are as old as me keep a big bottle of Tylenol handy!”
DJ TimTim

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  1. Awesome brother! It is wonderful to hear you proud of your lil bro! I'm sure he is proud of you for getting back into skating. This will be a fun way to document those experiences! I can't wait to read more!